What we deliver

When you join the CCA Health ACO, you’re teaming with an organization that’s hundreds of providers strong to better serve thousands of Medicare patients—all while reducing costs for your practice.






in Medicare savings

How we deliver

CCA Health ACO providers are truly independent. While we work with major care networks, we don’t contract with them. That means we can focus on coordinating the best possible care for our patients—wherever they need it most.

Engaging with providers

We develop relationships between our ACO providers. We provide guidance on program management and education on key quality metrics and hierarchical condition category coding.

Partnering on care decisions

By identifying and helping manage high-risk patients, CCA ACO providers make more informed decisions and better coordinate their care.

Smoothly transitioning care

We help patients transition between various levels of care. We manage medication, maintain their personal health record, coordinate follow-ups, and monitor for warning signs of a worsening condition.

Streamlining provider operations

CCA ACO providers get help tracking outcomes and streamlining processes to ensure patient satisfaction and retention, while delivering cost-effective care.

Patients first—share our story

While you understand the benefits patients get when they work with ACO providers, your patients may not. Let them know how our ability to successfully coordinate high-quality care can lead to better health outcomes for them.

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Our mission

The mission of CCA Accountable Care Organization is to encourage the delivery of the highest quality healthcare to patients, while providing value-driven services to our physician members. CCA Accountable Care Organization is also committed to maintaining excellence and integrity in all aspects of our operations and in our professional and business conduct.  

Our vision

CCA Accountable Care Organization will distinguish itself as a leader in locally redefining healthcare delivery and will be recognized for the excellence of its facilities and the passion of its physicians in providing quality outcomes and compassionate, innovative care to the patients they serve.

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